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Congratulations your engaged! Time to get down to wedding planning. You have decided it has always been your dream to have a beach front wedding on a Caribbean Island under the palm trees! Well it sounds heavenly and I would love to help you plan this exciting adventure. But before we do lets look at these important details before you make that choice.

There are laws and regulation for each country and it will be important to take a look at the Government travel website.


  • Reservations, especially for popular resorts during the peak seasons, should be made at least six months in
  • Passports need to be ordered at least 6-8 weeks in advance of the trip visit this website to see details.
  • Brides your passport or photo Id and other travel docs will be in your maiden name.
  • Certain countries accept only passports that have a specific number of
    months left before expiring. For example, a country may allow travelers to enter only if their passports don’t
    expire for another eight months.
  • Some countries require you to be in the country  a few days in advance. The Bahamas for example your need be there 24 hours before applying for marriage license and another 24 hours before the wedding can occur.
  • Some countries will require Visa to enter their country.
  • Make sure to book your trip overseas with travel insurance protection that cover both flights and the accommodations.
  •  Immunizations and health certificates should be among the papers you will want to take with you.
  • As with all important docs you should make copies and leave the copies with family in our home state.
  • Make sure to try to exchange some cash in advance for tips and cab drivers. Many of your banks will order foreign currency with advance notice.
  • When traveling to foreign countries it is required you be at the airport to go through security at the minimum 2 hours advance. I personally recommend 3 hour arrival time to get through TSA.

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