Virtual/Hybrid Events

As a Event Planner I have had to look for other creative ways to plan events. I have found amazing resources available to planning weddings, corporate and other social events. I know this pandemic has affected life as we once knew it. With the requirements for safety measures, social distancing and for safer smaller gatherings we needed to be creative. The other issue is during this COVID-19 Pandemic travel can be dangerous and many choose not to take the unnecessary risk. What would you think about allowing your guests to view the event live, be it a wedding a birthday party or fundraising event? The guests could watch it from the comforts of their own homes. It could still be a interactive and fun event for all.

This is now possible through the amazing technology we have today. Your guests can feel as though they are attending the event watching on social media or with a private link sent to them. This can take place through a variety of social media like Zoom, Google, Vimeo Live, Facebook Live, etc.

There are many positive points to having a virtual/hybrid event. It will save you money on food and beverage purchases, decor and the expenses of travel and rentals. Keeping you, your friends and family healthy is the most important factor. We have to make adjustments during this uncertain time.

The good news is there may not be a reason to cancel your event. Let me help you find the way to transform your event into a hybrid and virtual one.

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